Practicing the Art of Giving... One Heart at a time!
We are forever indebted to our community, family and friends. You have given us so much to lean on. It is our turn to give back. 
And, how are we planning to do that? 
It's pretty simple actually...
It is built around the premise that people inherently want to give back to their community. And, they do that is so many different ways...some give their time; others give their skill and yet others donate some of their hard earned wealth. 
Art2Heart is a concept that brings all these three together...
Think of it as a kindred marketplace, where selfless artists donate their time and skill while kind donors support them. These artists are everyday people like you and me, our kids, our friends.
We create or receive art from these generous artists, convert those art into fine products like calendars, greeting cards etc. These are similar products you will see and purchase in the open market. 
All, we ask is for you to donate through our fund raisers and support our featured artists, in return for receiving these products you love...and voila, just like that YOU have helped US make a difference!
Checkout the current fundraiser to know more about the cause and its effect on the community.
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