THANK YOU for your generosity!
We are consistently exceeding our expectations and goals for contributing to a worthy cause. THANK YOU for making this happen. You all Rock...
2022 -> Goal $1000; Raised $1575; 150 Calendars + Other Products
2021 -> Goal $300; Raised $1050; 90 Calendars
2020 -> Goal $100; Raised $300; 30 Calendars
***If you have ideas to share, or wanna participate or have a great cause you would like to recommend...let us work together next year to make an impact... From the bottom of my heart, Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!***
We are excited to announce that we are expanding our market place with many fine artists who are willing to donate their time and talent. You now have a choice of products to choose from our catalog as a small token of appreciation!
- ALL proceeds from our fundraisers go directly to the worthy causes it was raised for.
- ALL costs (printing, shipping, fees etc.) are covered by us.
- ALL featured artists have contributed some of their finest work to help these causes.
- AND we will take care of printing, shipping & handling to increase our collective impact.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Step 1: View & Donate to the worthy cause through*
A: Through Facebook
Thank you for visiting. Fundraiser is now closed.

B: Directly to the Cause
Thank you for visiting. Fundraiser is now closed.
*If you have already donated, Thank You. Please go to Step 2.
Step 2: Please accept our THANK YOU gift
A: Notify us of the donation to get your promo code
B: Use the promo code in our online store towards your order
*Discount valid for any combination up to the amount contributed from the Photo Products section; includes free shipping and taxes.
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